Body Language

Short Film ©2018 / 15 minutes



On one of her forays through the city, mute Cecilia catches Yasin pickpocketing and follows him. Cecilia and Yasin come from two different worlds and yet they have a lot to give to each other during their brief encounter.



Cecilia - Tina Schorcht

Yasin - Onno Buss

Shirin - Amina Merai

Merve - Susanne Kliebisch


Writer: Saskia Benter

Director: Katja Straub

Director of Photography: Clara Rosenthal


Production Manager: Susanna Csik

Line Producer: Sarah Steinhauser


Editing: Anastasya Stolyarov

Sound Recordist: Lambert Regel

Sound Design & Sound Mix: Iliya Gertman & Markus Gembaczka

Foleys: Iliya Gertman & Markus Gembaczka & Michael Holz

Music: Markus Gembaczka


Interdisciplinary project made during my work for the Acting Department at the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf in collaboration with the Departments of Screenwriting, Producing, Cinematography, and Editing