Films with Students



The White Bunny

Transformation in a train compartment. The White Bunny explores the conscious and sub-conscious longings of the human mind, told through the story of a woman, an injured boy, a small girl in a red dress, and a white bunny. A tale of four strangers as they travel together on a visual exploration of pain, love, memory, and the loss of innocence. The woman’s trauma reveals itself through the haunting form of a German nursery rhyme and we follow her into her past.


Short Film


7:22 min



Annalee Langham

Carl Romines

Katharina Seemann

Meggie Seemann


Writer / Director: Katja Straub

Director of Photography: Berndt Mader

Costume Design: Lee Hunsaker

Camera Assistant: Iskra Valtcheva

Production Sound: Ajae Clearway



Carolina Film and Video Festival, Greensboro, USA 2006

FLEX Florida Experimental Film Festival, Gainesville, USA 2006

Fantastic Fest, Austin, USA 2006
Hollywood Showcase, Los Angeles, USA 2006

PDX Peripheral Documentary Experimental Film Festival, Portland, USA 2006

Ann Arbor Film Festival, Ann Arbor, USA 2006

Screen Door Festival, Austin, USA 2006

Blue November Film Festival, Marfa, USA 2005

Edgeworks Festival, Corpus Christi, USA 2005

WEST-Fest, Abilene, USA 2005

Cinematexas Festival, Austin, USA 2005

Videofest, Dallas, USA 2005

Flatland Film Festival, Lubbock, USA 2005